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  • Proofreading gaffs prove pricey for organizations

    To many it is a most tedious task, but proofreading has been highlighted as an essential process in the organizational communication process, after a series of high-profile gaffs resulted in costly losses. For example, Comet, the UK electronics retailer that … Read more »

  • Desiring Chinese Men will get Their Leg over the US Economy by 2016

    It’s already the world’s second largest economy, thanks to an average annual GDP growth of 9.91% since 1979. But the world’s most populous country is looking to secure top stop by the end of 2016 according to forecasts, and one … Read more »

  • Insurance companies driving whiplash claims culture

    Russell Thomson explains how insurance companies are driving whiplash compensation claims in a bid to chase referral fees. More from the whiplash claims website: Whiplash Claims.   Whiplash claims, whiplash compensation, whiplash injuries – or Whiplash Cash, Whiplash Epidemic, and … Read more »

  • Injury lawyers: explaining whiplash claims

    Russell Thomson is an injury claims lawyer working at The Injury Lawyers, who explains that while whiplash is a clear and serious issue, the whole subject has become badly distorted through insurance companies selling customer details for referral fees.   … Read more »

  • Credit Evaluation Requires a Spectrum of Indicators

    Dave Williams, Managing Director of S&P Capital IQ, talks about the different indicators used for credit evaluation. Credit ratings are a strong indicator of credit worthiness, but they are just one measure, which can create problems for credit managers looking … Read more »

  • Risk Appetite and the Pursuit of Practical, Tactical and Strategic Advantage

    by David Samuels, Managing Director, S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies In the wake of the financial crisis, banks across the world are having to reconsider their “risk appetites”. Current discussion on the banking crash has emphasised the idea that disaster … Read more »

  • Security over cash deposits in bank accounts

    Security over cash deposits in bank accounts: Are more Gray areas developing? By Amanda Jennings, partner, Dewey & LeBoeuf Taking security over bank accounts has been the subject of much court consideration over the years, largely focused upon whether, firstly, … Read more »

  • Interview with Damian Burleigh, S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies

    RuBanking Q&A qith Damian Burleigh, managing director, S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies 1. What impact has the financial crisis and subsequent activity – such as bond issuance levels and the downgrading of Greece’s credit rating – had on fixed … Read more »

  • Greater transparency in ISA market

    The recent changes introduced by the OFT in a bid to arrest the inefficiencies of the cash ISA market have been heartily welcomed by Consumer Focus, which has described the measures as the first step towards dragging the UK’s £158bn … Read more »

  • RNID calls for greater deaf awareness

    As Deaf Awareness Week begins running from 28 June – 4 July), the RNID is encouraging banks and other financial services firms to ensure that they are providing full accessibility to those in the UK who are hard of hearing … Read more »

  • CII backs new FSA mortgage rules

    New rules issued by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have been welcomed by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The rules pertain to mortgage advice, and seek to guarantee that those who offer such advice will be held accountable for their … Read more »

  • Banks know customers as well as a good friend

    New research from customer insight and database marketing specialist GI Insight has revealed that customers believe their banks have done a good job of getting to know them. This compares relatively well with other sectors (such as car manufacturers and … Read more »

  • Brewin Dolphin welcomes CGT changes

    Investment manager Brewin Dolphin, which manages £23bn for more than 130,000 clients, has responded to the Coalition Government’s Budget, held earlier today. Executive Chairman Jamie Matheson has said that the retention of the annual free allowance for capital gains tax … Read more »

  • Metro Bank targets London customers

    Metro Bank will become the first new bank on the high street in more than a century when it opens its doors on 29th July. The newcomer has indicated it intends to put customer service at the heart of its … Read more »

  • Barroso backs bank levy

    European Commission president José Barroso has called for a new tax on banks. Barroso stated that he wanted sound financial institutions, and that he was supportive of a tax either on profits or financial transactions. His comments come shortly before … Read more »

  • Brewin Dolphin calls for caution over CGT

    On 22 June the new Coalition Government is set to change the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime, potentially adversely affecting a large number of small investors and prudent savers, Brewin Dolphin has warned. Brewin Dolphin has called for the Government … Read more »

  • World Cup fraud warning issued

    Actimize, part of NICE Systems and provider of a single financial crime, risk and compliance software platform for the financial services industry, has issued a warning to the banking sector that it may have insufficient protection against fraud related to … Read more »

  • Sharing Customer Data With Governments – Minimise The Burden

    Actimize AML specialist Joe Longoria argues that commercial and ethical imperatives compel institutions to make sure accurate data is disclosed for AML and counter-terrorism purposes. Section 314(a) of the US Patriot Act was a milestone in the fight against terrorist … Read more »

  • Danger in early recovery

    This is a strange recession. Few people expected that it would take the shape of a narrow ‘V’ and, despite the hope that recovery will continue there is still a residual fear that problems remain. Given the level of corporate … Read more »

  • Improving valuation assumptions

    In this article, James West, a director in the new Valuation & Risk Strategies group at Standard & Poor’s Fixed Income Risk Management Services division, discusses the findings from the latest survey into structured finance market participants’ valuation assumptions and … Read more »