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Proofreading gaffs prove pricey for organizations


To many it is a most tedious task, but proofreading has been highlighted as an essential process in the organizational communication process, after a series of high-profile gaffs resulted in costly losses.

For example, Comet, the UK electronics retailer that sadly went out of business last year paid the price for failing to proofread its pricing labels. The company lost thousands in revenue when it mislabelled an Aiwa Hi-fi at £8.43, a heavy discount of the RRP of £89!

So what are organizations doing to protect themselves from such embarrassing and costly mistakes?

Hiring professional proofreading services is one way a company can make sure it’s comms. are error-free. Kaitlyn is a freelance editor for Proofreading Service UK and several other agencies, and she says a high proportion of the documents she reviews are from private sector organizations.

“I work often on documents such as company reports, brochures, website content etc. The sort of texts that companies must get right.”

Some organizations are creating resources within their companies solely responsible for proofreading and editing communications. Having a dedicated department for such tasks is clearly out of the means of most SMEs, of course.

Such organizations can provide training and awareness to staff of the importance of checking company communications for errors. Jeremy, owner of an autotrading company in the Midlands put his staff through courses from the SfEP to improve their grammar and punctuation checking.

Jeremy comment: “Originally we were using professional proofreading services for our most important communications only. This worked well, but we felt we needed to ensure all our communications were flawless so we invested in training as well. We feel it was well worth it.”

Whatever choice an organization makes, it is clear making provisions for checking grammar and punctuation is importnant.

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