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September 12, 2008

Barclaycard issues 1.7m new credit cards

by Gill Montia

Story link: Barclaycard issues 1.7m new credit cards

Barclaycard is issuing 1.7 million new credit cards.

The move follows the company’s acquisition of Discover Financial Services’ UK credit card business earlier this year, for £35 million.

The transaction involved 11 credit cards, including well-known names such as Goldfish, Morgan Stanley and the Caravan Club.

All customers previously with Discover will receive new Barclaycard-branded cards and to ensure benefits are not downgraded, Barclaycard is introducing four new cards.

Included in the switch over is the launch of Barclaycard Goldfish, which will retain the fish imagery of the original brand but offers an enhanced reward programme.

In addition, around one million customers will receive a contactless payment card, which can be used to pay for items costing less than £10 by waving the card against a terminal.

The first of the new cards will be posted out on 22nd September and all should be received by 20th October.

Credit limits will remain unchanged but card-holders will have a new account number and a new PIN.


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