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Sunday 06th of June 2010

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February 11, 2010

Nationwide most responsible credit card lender

by Gill Montia

Story link: Nationwide most responsible credit card lender

Nationwide has been judged the winner of The Most Responsible Credit Card Lending Practices Award for the third year in a row, claiming a first for its unbroken record.

The lender also picked up The Best Achievement in Customer Service Award at The Card Awards.

The accolades recognise the building society’s “Working Together” responsible lending programme and its customer service improvement programme.

The Society’s positive order of payments was included in the praise; Nationwide claims to be the only High Street provider to allocate credit card payments to the most expensive debt first, saving customers’ interest payments.

In addition, an initiative with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau was recognised for providing £3 million over three years to fund 1,300 volunteers to help people make informed financial decisions.

Nationwide’s head of credit cards, Richard Napier, says the awards are “a great accomplishment”, adding they “demonstrates Nationwide’s commitment to providing products which are fair and transparent, such as offering our customers a positive order of payments and giving members an efficient, friendly service”.


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