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Thursday 08th of July 2010

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July 5, 2010

Defaqto analyse 23 student current accounts

by Richard Kilner

Story link: Defaqto analyse 23 student current accounts

Amidst the hectic schedule new students face finding accommodation, work and dealing with the challenges of university they must also browse and select the best current account for their time studying.

Whether simply choosing an account with the nearest bank branch or carefully picking the overall best account, students can now benefit from financial research firm Defaqto’s work assessing 23 student and graduate current accounts.

Defaqto analysed a full 83 features, costs and incentives and gave each account a star rating from 1 to 5.

Included in the criteria assessed were interest free overdraft limits/durations, gifts and incentives, discounts, fees and charges and facilities and services available to account holders.

Defaqto’s Banking Insight Analyst Kevin Bray explained that the star rating offered a quick and easy way to see how good or otherwise an account is, adding that a lower star rating is not necessarily indicative of a poor account, but could suggest a simpler, no-frills account.


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