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September 4, 2008

Nuance publish guide to voice security

by Richard Kilner

Story link: Nuance publish guide to voice security

Speech solutions supplier Nuance Communications, Inc has released a best-practice guide formulated to assist organisations wishing to design and implement speaker verification solutions.

“Succeeding with Voice Biometrics” was developed by Nuance by utilising the experience it has acquired with hundreds of firms in the banking, telco, government and enterprise sectors.

Bolstered voice channel security has become an even bigger issue recently due to the ever increasing prevalence of identity theft and the potential for fraudulent activities.

Fraud has soared recently, with the sums involved up by around 50% from £421m in the first six months of 2007 to £630m in the same period this year (according to KPMG Forensic’s Fraud Barometer).

KPMG has also stated that the amount of fraud committed against banks (worth over half of the total at £350m) is the highest in its 20 year history of the Barometer.

Although other options for security have become available in recent times (iris scanning, for example) speech verification remains popular with consumers and businesses.

Businesses often already have speech verification channels in place, and upgrading them is simpler and easier than creating a new security mechanism.

Meanwhile, consumers need only their voice which, unlike an iris or a set of fingerprints, can be transmitted over the telephone.

“Succeeding with Voice Biometrics” addresses the key issues of design, marketing and enrolment and the post-launch phase to ensure customer satisfaction and that company needs are being met.


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