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Sunday 20th of June 2010

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June 3, 2008

Award for Barclays’ Application Security Assurance Project

by Richard Kilner

Story link: Award for Barclays’ Application Security Assurance Project

Veracode has announced that is has been awarded the Information Security Project of the Year from The Banker Technology Awards.

The firm, which is a provider of on-demand application security testing solutions, achieved its award for the Application Security Assurance Project work it did for Barclays.

The award itself reflects the growing importance of security in an era of increasing threats to information technology.

Veracode Security Review is central to Barclays’ security practices, and supports the bank’s risk assessment of its client base.

The Review, which is a subscription service, is the only one of its kind which is capable of testing software that is internally developed, in addition to applications developed offshore and more standard, commercially available software.

The Barclays Application Security Assurance Project has been described as innovative, using Review to set up automatic and dependable checking large amounts of third party code.

Furthermore, Veracode is the only system on the market capable of testing binary code rather than source code.

Because of this, external suppliers can have their software checked without needing to hand over intellectual property.


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