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Saturday 22nd of May 2010

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March 3, 2010

Standard Chartered sees record income in 2009

by Richard Kilner

Story link: Standard Chartered sees record income in 2009

Standard Chartered Bank has reported it enjoyed a record level of income in 2009, at US$15.18bn.

The firm’s annual income has risen by 9%, and is the seventh consecutive year of record income being achieved.

In the first half of the year the firm also achieved record income, of US$7.96bn, a rise of 14%.

The bank also saw operating pre-tax profits hit $5.15bn, despite the challenging global economic conditions.

Standard Chartered saw a strong performance across the world, with five markets achieved income exceeding $1bn, and India and Hong Kong making $1bn of operating profit before tax.

Group Chief Executive Peter Sands has stated that the bank has utilised it capital and liquid strength, together with its increasingly powerful brand, to lure customers away from competitors.


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